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Whether you are a private motorist, small business owner or manager of a large fleet, the benefits of LPG are too great to ignore. LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is a proven high performance, clean, efficient and economical alternative to petrol.
Growing petrol prices, diminishing worlad oil reserves, and the need to reduce motoring costs wherever possible, have seen many individuals and companies consider the LPG alternative.

Those who have made the change to LPG rarely go back to petrol. Why? Because LPG not only substantially reduces fuel costs - it reduces engine wear, and thus maintenance costs. It improves engine smoothness and reliability, and it has virtually the same power output as petrol. On top of that it reduces almost all harmful emissions.

Financial Savings

LPG costs less than half the price of petrol, so you will be able to save up to 50% on your vehicle fuel costs. Moreover there are many tax breaks that will make a whole lot of difference to fleet budgets:

  • Your road tax (BIK) will be reduced to the one of diesel
  • The cleanest bi-fuel vehicles will be exempt from congestion charging in London please check the Powershift Register for more information.
  • Some insurers are ready to provide a lower premium for LPG converted cars

Want to know how much you can save with LPG? Use our savings calculator at the bottom of the page.

Environmental Benefits

One of the greatest issues of our age is climate change, and we can all play a part in protecting our environment and our health by choosing better fueling options for our motor vehicles.
It is generally accepted that Autogas gives a 10-15% carbon dioxide reduction (from well to wheel) in comparison to petrol and is on parity with diesel.
LPG also delivers 80% lower NOx emissions than diesel, as well as zero particulate emissions.
If all of London’s taxi cabs were converted to LPG, 3,000 tons less soot would be produced per year from vehicle emissions.

Vehicle performance

Modern LPG / Autogas engine technology provides performance and fuel economy comparable with contemporary petrol-powered engines.
On LPG, torque is available at lower engine revs, which aids driveability – particularly in stop / start city driving. In some cases total torque is actually increased.
The power output of engines with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) is, when converted to run on LPG, usually only slightly lower than on petrol. Where possible, the LPG system is interfaced with the original EFI computer. While top speed may be marginally reduced and acceleration times cut by fractions of a second, most drivers would be unlikely to detect the difference.
The fuel economy of Autogas-powered vehicles depends on a range of factors but on average, 2000 and older model vehicles running on Autogas use approximately 15% more fuel than petrol-powered equivalents. However, some high consumption petrol vehicles may in fact use only 10% percent more LPG. This is more than offset by the much lower cost of LPG, which is typically half the price or less of unleaded petrol. The introduction of improved performance LPG injection systems will see this consumption figure reduced even further.

Most vehicles will run effectively on LPG but you must ensure that the equipment installed is suitable for your vehicle. New vehicles that are fitted with Autogas systems adhere to strict guidelines and any conversions should only be performed by a LPGA approved installer.

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LPG Conversion London LPG Conversion



Convert your --- Hybrid --- to LPG



London's only NECAM-Koltec system repairer and specialists

London LPG Conversions is a well established and supremely experienced in LPG conversion. We can undertake system installations in almost any petrol driven vehicle regardless of BHP; ranging from standard 4 cylinders vehicles, to sport cars and even the most powerful turbo charged engines.

London LPG Conversions is the only company in London and UK specialised in repairing NECAM-Koltec dual fuel systems. We also specialise in installing, servicing and repairing PRINS,BRC, OMVL, AC STAG and OSCAR system.

Our workshops are primed with the latest available technology for the installation and diagnostic of various dual fuel systems and all of our work is carried out by experienced and fully qualified technicians to the highest of standards. We also give 2 years warranty for your peace of mind.

The only engines that are not suitable for LPG Conversion are the ones utilising the newly emerging direct Injection Technology. These engines have their nozzels placed within the combustion chamber and rely on the petrol passing through them to keep cool. As a result, running them on gas alone will cause them to overheat certain parts, which could damage the injectors in such cases the engine would need a head modification but we will advise you of all options.

All work is carried out to the highest standard and backed up with a warranty.

Prices (starting from)


BRC SQ24/Plug & Drive


4 Cylinders   WAS£1,100 Now £1000 £1,250
5 Cylinders   WAS £1,400 NOW £1300 £1,750
6 Cylinders   WAS £1,400 NOW £1350 £1,750
8 Cylinders   WAS £1,600 NOW £1550 £2,000


The above prices will include the following:

  • PRINS / BRC (Latest Multipoint Generation)
  • 2 years unlimited mileage parts & labour Warranty for Prins and BRC only.
  • Largest possible approved Tank.
  • UKLPG certification.
  • Free check service after 1000 miles.
  • Full customer support after conversion.


Prices Can Vary due to :

  • Vehicle Complexity
  • Tank Complexity.
  • Replacement Petrol Tanks.
  • Type of Tank.
  • Boot Trimming (Optional).
  • Valve Care Products

Over weekend fitting service available

Safety Check Report: £125

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We are London's premiere LPG Conversions specialists. A well-established company with very experienced technicians and installers. We only install LPG systems that have a excellent performance and high reliability. We also pride ourselves in providing high levels of customer care. This means you sacrifice very little in order to help save yourself money and the environment.

We also aim to provide our customers with the best possible advice and an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of LPG. We will also talk you through the conversion process as well as provide post-conversion advice (i.e. how to drive and care for your car with LPG fuel).

We pride ourselves in offering the best quality LPG systems at very competitive prices for everyone.

We believe that LPG provide excellent value in saving fuel costs and saving the environment.

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