We do a wide range of vehicle repair work including the following:

LPG Installation

London LPG Conversions employ only fully qualified LPG installers. All our technicians are highly experienced and reliable and work at the highest level on LPG installations.

At London LPG Conversions we aim for the highest professional level for our customer. They choose the best space to fit the LPG system in the car and calibrate the system to perform the same as petrol. We install a various LPG systems each providing deffirent benefit which we will help guide you to choose the most appropriate one for your car.


Our workshop is fully equipped with the most advanced vehicle diagnostic equipment to help in installation of LPG systems as well as perform other motor diagnosis.
If the car came in for a service and we do diagnose a fault and we will always give you a quote and seek your permission before performing any work.

We also offer our diagnostic services to local garages.

Repairs and services:

Our professional and experienced mechanics carry out a wide range of vehicle repairs and are able to work on virtually every car make.

We also do full car servicing at very reasonable prices.

All cars receive a free car wash before they leave the workshop.


We can also do MOT servicing on request.

Alloy Wheels

We refurbish all makes of Alloy Wheels.

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